Yuval Neeman

Partner, Investing Team

Yuval Neeman_Trilogy Equity Partners

Yuval Neeman is a member of Trilogy’s investing team. Prior to joining Trilogy, Yuval spent 16 years at Microsoft, where he was responsible for the Developer Division, which included Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Microsoft NET Framework. Yuval was on the board of M-Systems until it was acquired by SanDisk in 2006. He was an investor, advisor and board member for a number of startups including: Secured Dimensions and Zoomix (both acquired by Microsoft), Soluto (acquired by Asurion), OfficeSyn and StreamOnce (both acquired by Jive).

Yuval serves on the board of University Prep. A former captain in the Israeli Defense Force, Yuval also served on the Board of the Israel Policy Forum. Yuval holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Computer Science from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He is technologist and a dedicated family man to his wife and three kids.

Yuval currently serves on the boards of SkyGiraffe, Hola! and SignalSense and is an observer for Lookout and Ripl.

Why work in the VC business?

I love learning new things. In this business, I am always challenged by new technologies, new business models and great new people. The energy and optimism of the founders is contagious. At this stage in my life one of the things I enjoy the most is the mentor role, working with (mostly) younger entrepreneurs.

First big “win”

At Microsoft, we had to make radical changes in response to the emergence of the Web. In formulating a strategy, it became clear that it needed to include many other teams to be successful. I had to win over, convince and cajole other teams and upper management of the need for this change and how to make it happen. It was like getting a dozen startups to combine into a single team to build a single product. It took over three years, but the set of products that comprise .Net still serve as Microsoft’s platform for developers, 15 years later.

What excites you most about the process of bringing a company to market?

Working with the startups on their strategy and plan. I like seeing an initial idea translated into a product and then into a business, and to see people and teams grow in the process. I remember brainstorming with the Lookout founders, early on when they were still six guys in a loft in LA, about what platform they should target. The outcome was Android, which turned out to have been a great call.